Cat Rescue: Cat # 01 – MAXIE

There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.  – Albert Schweitzer

I started rescuing cats by accident. One day, a mewling kitten started making a racket outside the windowsill of my house. If you’ve ever experienced this, then you know it is quite impossible to ignore a mewling kitten.



We rescued Maxie, who was approximately 2 weeks old, went right away to the vet because he won’t stop crying and can’t eat solid food yet. I say we because it was truly a family effort – the husband and the kids all agreed to take care of Maxie.

We gave him cat formula first, a bath second, placed him in a makeshift box and placed a hot water bag beside him for warmth. Thankfully, he was able to sleep and over the next few days and visits to the vet,  gained weight and grew into a great, big, intelligent cat who toilet trained himself.

When Maxie was neutered, his healing process wasn’t smooth sailing. It was my first time to deal with a neuter, and I didn’t think very highly of how the operation was performed. He had some discharge twice and I was so beside myself with worry I think I sprouted a few white hairs. After about two weeks, he finally healed and we settled down back to the old routine.



Since Maxie lived alone among four dogs and four humans, we thought of getting him a companion which wasn’t at all difficult. We live in a poor county, where there is minimal effort in keeping the cat/dog populace down through spaying and neutering, and most people can only afford giving food to their pets and not much else.

Which brings us to our next story, to be published next—the rescue of Lilibeth Rose, our first female cat.


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