Gift of Healing

I have the gift of healing, especially children. Nothing major — a little stomachache, a little injured finger – I can make the pain go away. Perhaps because children are innocent and pure, they accept healing fully and much faster. Healing full grown adults is much more difficult – the body is too dense to accept the grace.

pexels-photo-largeI am also psychic, if you believe in that sort of stuff. Prophecy and precognition, mostly through dreams about things close to me. When I say something, it kind of sticks, you know, like a curse, as long as I am earnest about it.

And if you get me mad enough (usually about an injustice or a cruelty), my wrath will follow you until you get your just rewards. It doesn’t matter if you are on the other side of the world, it will happen, just like watching a Kill Bill movie, but more on a karmic scale.

I can even tell your fortune in cards, but they must be fresh cards and have not been previously used for gambling.

The most basic of all psychic abilities, yes, I can see and sense dead people. Well, not in a 3D graphic way, mostly like an image on my mind if I focus enough. If I can see them as clear as I see me, I would probably be stark raving mad by now.

I would also like to think that the merciful gods have also gifted me with Al Ferasa, as the Arabs call it. This is “a skill where the person can read the other person’s facial and body language and understand and know the truth about their character and intentions.”

It has served me well, has made me eternally watchful of other people. People are interesting in a way that books are, but books and dogs are much, much more companionable, don’t you agree?


Most of the time, I ignore these gifts. I refer to them all simply as common sense.

But if you are intrigued enough, ask me for details in an email and I promise to devote a full article here to satisfy your curiosity. It makes for fantastic and entertaining reading, even if you happen to not believe a word of it.

Till next time.


*I aspire to be justice and mercy combined.

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