Good advice is like bitter medicine.

This blog was born of a search for a good advice column. Suffice it to say that I searched and found not.


My friends say I give good advice. In fact, in a tight squeeze, it is almost inevitable that I be asked for my advice. That doesn’t mean they take it once given.


I have two true talents that the Good Lord gave – common sense and foresight.


The first one helps me break down complex situations, make sense of them and explain in simpler terms – a gift I found useful when I was a teacher in another life.


Foresight sometimes is a worrisome gift. I see the consequences clear as daylight, picture by picture, different permutations. Sometimes I want to change my name to Cassandra, after the Trojan Princess beloved of Apollo whose prophecies were never believed.


Sometimes. My husband still listens to me, which is like balm to my bruised prophetic skills. We all know he has to be biased.


To prove my point, let me relate a short story.


I was in the UK in 2007. And my host parent of less than a week said “Emily can surely sort him out” pertaining I think to a wayward son who I never had the chance to meet. Well. Enough said.


So. If you think you need some “sorting out”, I am here. Just email me your concerns at and I will surely do my best to help.


Oh. And there is a third talent. But that can wait in another article.





*I aspire to be justice and mercy combined.